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Management Programs

These innovative programs have been created to meet the rapidly increasing need for engineers with the leadership skills to succeed in business and management.

The UOIT offers engineering and management program variations for each of its engineering programs.

Description of Engineering and Management Programs

Students in an engineering and management program study the complete engineering program in a particular discipline and gain critical management skills in key areas of business operations management including:

  • finance
  • financial and managerial accounting
  • engineering operations and project management
  • organizational behaviour and management of human resources
  • marketing

The engineering and management programs are five years in duration. Students study the first three years of the engineering program followed by a specialized business and management year. The fourth year of engineering studies is taken in year five, and incorporates aspects of the knowledge gained during the business and management year.

With permission, students may take the specialized business and management year at other points in the program.

The engineering and management programs lead to the honours degree of Bachelor of Engineering and Management (BEng&Mgt.).

Engineering and Management Programs

Our Engineering and Management programs correspond to all of the standard engineering programs we offer. The present disciplines include:

  • Manufacturing Engineering and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering Comprehensive Program and Management
  • Mechanical Engineering (Energy Engineering Option) and Management
  • Mechatronics Engineering and Management
  • Automotive Engineering and Management
  • Electrical Engineering and Management
  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Nuclear Engineering and Management

Potential Careers

Graduates of these programs will be in high demand among employers for their unique combination of engineering knowledge and business and management skills.

Graduates of Engineering and Management programs can expect to find careers in the same areas and companies as typical engineering graduates, but will also have greater and expanded opportunities.

With their additional expertise in business and management, graduates of these programs will have three particular career advantages with respect to traditional engineers:

  1. They will have a broad understanding of the business and management aspects of companies and thereby be more productive engineers. Engineering and management graduates have a greater appreciation of how their work interfaces with the non-engineering divisions of a company, and will consequently be able to contribute in a more holistic way.
  2. They are particularly suited and ready to take on managerial roles. Graduates of the Engineering and Management programs are well prepared to manage the work of others.
  3. They have the business and management skills to take bright engineering ideas and start a business. Such entrepreneurs make up an increasing component of the economy.

Graduates may also choose to pursue graduate studies in engineering or business. The business and management year has been structured so as to be creditable for exemption from, or replacement of, foundation courses in a typical MBA program at UOIT or elsewhere. Students who choose to pursue an MBA should confirm whether credits are granted with the university in which they enrol.

Program Maps for Engineering and Management Programs

The program maps provide an illustrative overview of the program. Consult the calendar for full and accurate details.

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