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Integrated Research and Training Facility (IRTF)

Outside shoot of the IRTF

ACE is the first climatic testing and research centre of its kind in Canada, and in many respects the world. This multi-purpose, 16,300-square-metre facility, is owned and operated by UOIT and is a truly independent, commercial operation. ACE is divided into two distinct areas: a core research facility and an integrated research and training facility.

The core research facility offers a range of full-sized test chambers that allow for full climatic, structural durability and lifecycle testing. The signature test chamber is one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels in the world. The wind tunnel has a large yawing chassis dynamometer (road simulator) that can, for the first time anywhere, test properties in crosswinds. Among the other chambers is a climatic four-post shaker that can test a vehicle’s ability to handle a wide range of road conditions in Arctic or high desert conditions.

The integrated research and training facility spans five floors with space dedicated for research, education and training. This facility is fostering an environment for collaboration and interaction between industry, researchers and students.

ACE was developed in partnership with UOIT, General Motors of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Government of Canada and the Partners for Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (PACE).

UOIT is a leader in automotive research and engineering. The university has innovative research programs that are finding new solutions to automotive problems and educating future engineers who will turn great new ideas into commercial products in automotive and other industries. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is shaping the next generation of green vehicles. It is investigating new safety, manufacturing, thermal and information technologies for vehicles, among other areas of active automotive research. These initiatives are generating new knowledge and advancing the frontiers of research that are transforming the automotive industry.

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