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Software Engineering

What is Software Engineering?

Software Engineering deals with the engineering problems, opportunities and needs associated with the development and utilization of computer software. The discipline also addresses the design of computers, computer science, the integration of software into computer systems, and the applications of software systems. The software industry is growing rapidly and of increasing importance to our economy and standard of living. 

New opportunities and challenges include the development of more powerful software and computers. The array of software engineering applications is growing, and ranges from special-effects software for the movie industry, through to the software controlling devices such as digital cameras and robots, to the software that drives businesses and the financial sector.

What do Software Engineers do?

Software Engineers focus on the analysis, design, development and manufacturing of software systems and computer networks. Some aspects of software engineering also include computer engineering, computer science and programming, as well as electronics, automation and control, so Software Engineers often interact with professionals in those areas. 

Mechanical and electronic devices in automobiles, airplanes, communication equipment and manufacturing systems are being replaced or enhanced by software components to provide more adaptability and enhanced functionality. Software components are more easily adapted, integrated, and upgraded to meet future needs and are less expensive to implement. Software engineers are at the heart of such activities.

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