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Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the UOIT offers Master of Applied Science (MASc), Master of Engineering (MEng) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

These graduate programs allow a student to study a wide variety of areas associated with electrical and computer engineering. Focus areas of research included communications and signal processing, computer and software engineering, systems control, power engineering and electronics.

The MASc program is research-oriented and provides excellent preparation for a doctoral degree. The program entails a combination of course-based learning and a thesis that often involves original research.

The MEng program is a professional master’s program for upgrading and expanding technical skills and knowledge. It has an emphasis on course-based learning, sometimes accompanied by a major project.

The PhD program offers the highest academic degree, leading to careers such as a researcher in advanced technology development or a university professor. It involves a combination of academic coursework and a dissertation, which requires a significant and detailed body of original research leading to innovative new research outcomes.

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