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Technology-Enriched Learning Environment (TELE) Program

Web-enhanced learning and e-learning

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science uses a wide range of learning technologies to enhance the educational experience, inspire innovative teaching, and foster student success. Since computing technology is an integral part of today's workplace, graduates of UOIT’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will have the highly valued computer experience and skills that are needed to have fruitful and productive careers. The use of such learning technologies also facilitates high-quality research and professional practice.

E-learning pervades virtually all courses and activities at UOIT. Our faculty members integrate technology-enriched learning in lectures, tutorials and labs to encourage success. Students use e-mail, online discussion groups, and other chat forums to communicate with peers, faculty and experts in their area of study. In addition, students can access our campus library to obtain electronic resources via their laptop with convenient 24-hour off-site access.

Each UOIT course employs Blackboard technology as a course management system. Students can log on to a respective Blackboard based class site to access electronically various course-related materials including lecture notes, assignments, quizzes and sample spreadsheets, thus allowing for more focused in-class learning. Students also have confidential access to test and assignment results, as well as class notice boards, via Blackboard Learn 9.1.

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