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Savan Patel

Softwate Engineering Student

16 month Internship with Celestica

Process Automation Developer

Would you return to your employer?

Maybe, I’m still exploring what interests me, but I’m open to possibilities.

Would you recommend your employer?



Did you always know you wanted to do co-op/internship?


Did you have any concerns or hesitations before you started?


What were your expectations?

I was expecting to learn something new, gain insight in the IT industry. I did not know anything about automating processes, so I was expecting to receive some kind of training or mentorship.

How did your experience compare with your expectations?

My experience has been what I expected. I did not have many expectations since I was not familiar with this role. I was eager to understand and learn something new, so I applied and put my best foot forward.

How would you say you enjoyed your experience?

My experience at Celestica as a process automation developer has been great so far. I have had the chance to learn new skills, strengthen my communication skills by interacting with subject matter experts from various streams in the company.

In a few sentences, explain your position. Please provide details about your daily tasks, projects, and responsibilities.

I transform existing business processes into automated solutions within short timeframes using an RPA tool. After my manager introduced me to the subject matter experts of the business process that needs to be automated, I am to lead with minimal support from my manager for the project, start to finish. Including gathering requirements, creating a solution, implementing the solution, testing, debugging, and delivering the solution. I am responsible for managing weekly developer meetings where we all discuss any concerns/questions regarding our projects.

What was your work atmosphere like? (flexibility, formality, team-centric, supportive)

The work atmosphere is very light, there are a lot of jokes that get cracked in the morning when there is no one in our office besides our team. Everyone in the team starts work early so we can beat the traffic into work and leave early. I get the flexibility to start work anytime and am able to work from home when needed. The team is very helpful in answering any questions that I might have regarding the company or my projects. It is a supportive environment, everyone is there to have fun while working.

Did you feel that any training and/or support available to you was helpful or beneficial to you?

I was provided training on how to use the RPA tool needed to automate the business process and it was very helpful because I gained insight on proper standards to follow when developing. I did also watch a youtube video on how to use the tool before the training was provided so I was able to excel in the training sessions. The main takeaway from the training I got was the standards and rules to follow which is very important because if I do not follow the standards set then my project would never pass the peer review stage where my manager or supervisor go over my solution.


What advice would you offer to students thinking about pursuing co-op or internship?

I would definitely advise students to pursue an internship/coop because you need the industry exposure and witness first hand how the industry functions and what possible roles you can apply to with your degree. This is also a great way to see if a particular role is for you, if the type of company works for you, as in working as a developer for a manufacturing company vs an e-commerce company. Basically get a feel of what interests you.

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