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Andrew Fedorowich

Automotive Engineering Student

16 month Internship and 4 month Co-op at BMW Group Canada

Aftersales Quality and  Technical Intern and ConnectedDrive Intern

Would you return to your employer?

Yes, but a different location for more opportunities

Would you recommend your employer?


Would you return to a similar position?

No, I would prefer a more challenging technical position now that I am graduating with my degree.

Did you always know you wanted to do co-op/internship?


Did you have any concerns or hesitations before you started?

I was worried about taking a year off from school.

What were your expectations?

To learn more and gain experience in the automotive industry. 

How did your experience compare with your expectations?

It lined up perfectly with my expectations.

How would you say you enjoyed your experience?

I loved it!

In a few sentences, explain your position. Please provide details about your daily tasks, projects, and responsibilities.

Aftersales Quality and Technical Intern: Assisted in a variety of projects with the Aftersales Technical Service Team, such as the parts procurement process, creation and revision of service publications, vehicle software validation, and installation and verification of pre-production parts and accessories.

ConnectedDrive Intern: Responsible for day-to-day operations of ConnectedDrive for BMW and MINI vehicles in the Canadian market.

What was your work atmosphere like? (flexibility, formality, team-centric, supportive)

My team was a perfect fit for me, got along very well with everyone, and in turn learned a lot from my peers.

Did you feel that any training and/or support available to you was helpful or beneficial to you?

Training was provided for me when I started the position and support was almost always available.

What previous skills and/or competencies (professional or volunteer related) helped you in your role?

Personal knowledge about vehicles.

What previous skills and/or competencies did you develop during your placement? Are there any strengths or weaknesses that also fall into this skill/competency development?

I learned about in-depth vehicle mechanical and electronic systems.

What advice would you offer to students thinking about pursuing co-op or internship?

Don’t think about it, just do it, you won’t regret it.

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