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Co-op Program

Overview of the Engineering Co-op Program

The Engineering Co-op Program provides students with the opportunity to gain practical work experience related to their studies in an engineering setting in industry or elsewhere, and to explore potential career options. All Engineering Co-op students are paid prevailing wages and are generally well paid for these placements.

Co-op placement opportunities extend from three to four months and may be local or abroad. Co-op work terms are expected to occur mainly during the Summer term (May to August), but may also occur during the Fall or Winter terms when an opportunity suits both the student and an employer.

The Engineering Co-op Program includes:
  • a placement process
  • preparation assistance for all participating students
  • student co-op work-term reports
  • employer evaluation

Requirements for participation

Undergraduate students in any Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science program who have a minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA can choose to participate in the Engineering Co-op Program, although participation is voluntary. International students are also eligible to participate in the Engineering Co-op Program. Following the co-op placement, students must return to complete at least 3 full-time courses prior to graduation, as necessary for employers to receive their CRA tax credit.

Engineering Licensing Experience

Up to 12 months of experience gained through the Engineering Co-op Program may count towards the 45 months of experience required for licensing by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), provided the student has completed at least fifty percent of the academic program in which they are registered before the work term and the nature of the work experience is deemed acceptable. Once you have graduated, PEO may accept a copy of the work-term report for licensing consideration along with the PEO Pre-Graduation Experience Form.

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