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Teaching Excellence Award


The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is committed to excellence in teaching. The Award for Teaching Excellence has been established to recognize and encourage outstanding instruction, effective facilitation of learning, innovation in the classroom and laboratory, and noteworthy curriculum development. The award is made to a faculty member in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

The award is also intended to publicize teaching excellence in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science across the University and in the wider community, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement.


The award consists of a $500 credit for professional development and a commemorative award certificate. In addition, the name of the Award winner will be displayed on a permanent wall plaque in the general office of the Dean of Engineering and Applied Science.

The recipient may be recognized at an appropriate public event, such as a Faculty’s Awards Celebration for the subsequent year.

One award will be presented annually. Occasionally, depending on the number of eligible faculty and the number of exceptional nominees, additional awards may be given. In the event that nominations fail to meet the award criteria in a given year, the Selection Committee reserves the right not to grant an award in that year.


  • Any faculty member in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, including those with partial appointments in the Faculty, is eligible for nomination.
  • Previous winners of this award during the past seven years are not eligible.
  • The Dean and faculty members on the Teaching Award Selection Committee are not eligible for the award.

General Criteria

A nominee should be considered to be an excellent instructor in the classroom and/or laboratory setting, over a sustained period of time at UOIT. The criteria to be evaluated include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Quality of instruction provided by the nominee.
  • Results of teaching evaluations by students.
  • The nominee’s success in creating an effective learning environment, enhancing the quality of learning, and motivating and mentoring students.
  • Teaching innovation.
  • The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching.
  • Contributions to curriculum and laboratory development.
  • Demonstrated leadership in promoting teaching excellence.
  • Letters of support (optional).

The selection committee considers the record of each nominee in the award year under consideration, and over his/her career at the UOIT.

Where cross-appointed faculty members are nominated, the focus is on their teaching of courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations should be submitted to the Teaching Award Selection Committee, c/o the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. One paper copy and an electronic version of the submission (emailed to are required.

Students, faculty or technical staff of UOIT may make nominations, individually or collectively.

Nominators must inform the nominee of their intention to submit a nomination and determine that the nominee is willing to let his or her name stand for the award.

There is no nomination form. Nominations should include the following supporting material:

  • A covering letter from the nominator(s), outlining why the nominee merits the award. The letter should include the position and full contact information (email and mailing address, phone number) of the nominator(s).
  • The nominee’s teaching portfolio or the portion of his/her curriculum vitae highlighting teaching experience and accomplishments.
  • A copy of the nominee’s teaching evaluations (regular in-course assessment instruments), or a summary of the results of those evaluations, and any other evidence of the nominee’s teaching excellence.
  • Letters of support from present and former students, and colleagues, focusing on teaching ability and effectiveness, and curriculum development and innovation (optional).

Evidence of student support for the nomination will be an important consideration. Nominations will normally be supported only by information from current and former members of UOIT community.

Deadline for Nominations and Selection Process

The deadline for nominations for the Award for Teaching Excellence in a given academic year is June 1, but nominations may be submitted at any time.

The Selection Committee will meet in June to consider all nominations received in the preceding June to May time period. The committee will review all nominations for evidence of teaching excellence according to the above criteria. Nominees will be notified of their status when deliberations of the committee are completed. The winners will be announced by the end of June each year.

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